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  Natural Stone And Granite Counter Top Care  

One of the many reasons natural stone is so popular, in both residential and commercial projects, is its durability and ease of maintenance. Natural stone has been formed over millions of years but improper care can ruin its natural beauty. Although we usually think of stones as "hard", it is a porous material that can absorb spills and stains if untreated. Sealing natural stone protects its surface, enhancing its already natural strength and beauty. Sealers work by penetrating into the pores of the stone and building an invisible barrier that protects against scratching and staining, and leaves the stone with a polished shine. Stone&beyond seals all materials prior to installation. It is recommended that sealers twice a year in high use areas such as around the kitchen sink, and once a year for lower use areas such as the bathroom. Once natural stone is sealed, it shouldn't require any special care other than regular cleaning.

Please follow these simple guidelines to keep your natural stone beautiful and trouble-free for years to come.

  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Clean your natural stone on a regular basis with warm water and a clean soft cloth
  • Use coasters to prevent temporary darkening of the stone
  • Do not cut directly on countertops
  • Do not use acid-based cleaner, wax, chemicals or abrasive on your stone
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