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Choosing the right edge style is an important decision. The right edge style depends on your choice of stone, style of cabinetry, and project design. Stone&Beyond offers a variety of edge styles to suit your personal needs. Should you prefer an edge style that is not shown on our website, please contact us and we will try our best to fabricate it for you


3/4" ( 2cm ) & 1 1/4" ( 3cm ) Edges

SB801   Straight

SB802   Radius

SB803   3/4" Dupont

SB804   Bevel

SB805   Single O'gee

SB806   Demi Bullnose

SB807   Single O'gee Bullnose

SB808   Full Bullnose

1 1/2" ( 4cm ) Laminated Edges

SB901   Radius w/ Apron

SB902   1/2 Bevel

SB903   Straight

SB904   1/4 Bevel

SB905   Full Bullnose

SB906   Radius w/Apron

SB907   Dupont w/Stepost Apron

SB908   Versailles Over O'gee

SB909   Dupont w/Apron

SB910   O'gee w/Apron

SB911   O'gee w/Single Bullnose

SB912   Double O'gee

SB913   O'gee Top & Bottom

SB914   Demi Bullnose w/Stpost Apron

SB915   O'gee Bullnose

SB916   1/4 Double Bevel

SB917   Straight Edge w/Apron

SB918   O'gee Over Versailles


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